NEMA outlet

NEMA 14-50 outlet with mounted charging station

Charging your electric vehicle at home can be completed in 2 different ways. You have the option to hardwire a charger or plug into a lvl 2 outlet (NEMA 14-50/NEMA6-50). A charger that is intended to be directly hooked up to the panel and mounted on the wall is what we refer to as a hardwired charger. A charger that either comes with your car or bought seperately that has a plug for an outlet on one side is what we call a “plug in”. That plug will be rated for a certain outlet, most common being NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50. The outlet will then be what is installed by the electrician and your charger will either hang from the plug or will be mounted, if intended to do so.

With the EV world being everchanging, we are staying on top of standards. We always highly recommend hardwired charging stations for best results. Outlets are not foul-proof and, while our faulty rate is close to none, you can run into issues in the future. Thats also why we have switched all outlet installations to industrial rated outlets to ensure the safest installation possible for you and your home.


Tesla Wall Connector hardwired to panel